One of the bravest things we can do is to stay fully alive when our life is totally in turmoil. To just breathe and get out of bed. To face our responsibilities, even when we are confused. Even when we are feeling emotional pain, down to our very bones.

I remember the debilitating ache from that kind of pain. It was part of me, many times. The emotional pain was so deep and consuming. It was palpable, and my nervous system was in disarray. Beyond the immediate issues, layers of repressed trauma put my health in jeopardy and my life was turned inside out.

The feelings were there even though these modern terms were foreign to me then. Yes, I remember many of these moments in my own life. There were times I both felt isolated and then isolated myself. I shrank down, felt helpless and alone. I learned that when we allow ourselves to get this far down, we undermine ourselves in many ways. We can also give others permission to use, abuse, and treat us badly. No one deserves that. (If you’re in an abusive relationship, you need to get help and get out immediately. Trust me when I say, you can plan the next steps when you’re safe.)

I remember every feeling, thought, and decision I made within those experiences. I remember what it felt like when the relationships I most trusted in, disappeared or turned away from me. At times I felt abandoned and violated, which led to more emotional insecurity.

Now that I am past all of that, I also remember how hard it was to rebuild trust in myself. There was a pivotal moment, one day when it all changed. I had a deep insight – a revelation! It changed my life forever. And, I know that each of us can receive the very same gift. The gift of hope, clarity and calmness. We can gain an inner confidence and strength. We can be resilient.

Today, I realize it was a miracle that I chose to embrace life during those spiritually crushing times. Even though my faith was sorely tested, I chose to believe things would get better. And, they have, even beyond what I thought was possible.

It began with making a simple choice.
We make the decision to embrace the opportunity of living fully and optimistically. Actually, we have that choice every day. We can choose to repeat history, or we can EVOLVE like the spiritual warriors we really are.

Fear can keep us small and hidden away, if we allow it. I say DON’T! Don’t waste your precious time! Don’t squander your God-given gifts.

I want you to flourish in all areas of your life. You CAN! Fully embrace and embody your unique, powerful feminine Divine! Lift your proverbial sword and shield. Be the warrior goddess. Connect to Mother Earth and to your natural energy. Let it flow around you and through you. Shout it out aloud! Be the YOU you were meant to be!

Here’s a little quotable for today’s message:

“The thing that would break you, is the same thing that could MAKE you.”
– Gina Waterfield, Epiphany #homelesstohealthy

If you’re experiencing something that has emotionally challenged your self-confidence to the core, if you are confused about your next steps, if you need emotional guidance in your personal or business life, I’m here to walk that journey with you, heart to heart and soul to soul!

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