I am an intuitive energy healer, a women’s empowerment guide, an author, and a committed feminine leader!

I am an intuitive energy healer, a women’s empowerment guide, an author, and a committed feminine leader!

For years I gave my precious energy to a series of unhealthy relationships and life choices. After hitting rock bottom, I began to work on my life and myself. I learned, I grew and I persevered. I reclaimed my personal, professional, and financial health.

About a year and a half ago I decided to go “homeless.” I sold nearly everything I owned, and manifested my new life! Many magical things have happened since then, simply because I made a bold empowered choice. I made it just for me. What I’ve come to understand is that we are never alone. The Universe opens to us when we clear negative energy, make better decisions, and take control of our actions. And, we begin to attract the kinds of people who will believe in us, encourage us, and be better for us.

Each of us – all of us – have wondered how to shift, what to do, and where to start? I am here to share the valuable lessons I have learned. I will help you discover and clear your emotional blocks, reclaim your energetic and physical vitality, and gain control over your life.


At fifty-eight years young, I can say my life has been one big, bold adventure, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But, that is only because of the healthy ground on which I’m now standing. I now have perspective and insight on how all my steps, and missteps, have brought me to this wonderful place of peace, serenity and strength. It all started with a decision! And, I am here to help you make a similar decision. I’m here for you, fully, to share my innate gifts, my soulful wisdom, and my focused skills. I have the tools you need to make a life-giving change of heart, body, mind, and soul!

I am helping women just like you. They gain clarity quickly; this does not need to take a long time. They have magical emotional shifts, right now. They learn ways to improve their life, instantly and dramatically! We work together using a variety of methods I have cultivated and refined. I have developed my own brand of healing energy work. It has profound and immediate results.

This energetic exchange is a transformative blend of magic, prayer, and science! In addition, I use mindfulness, nutrition, essential oils, and yoga. These therapeutic practices are powerfully rooted in ancient wisdom and also aligned with contemporary discoveries in neuroscience! In addition to my own real-life experiences, I have become fully trained as a licensed massage therapist, a certified yoga instructor, a licensed esthetician, a Reiki master and a personal life coach. I have done advanced professional work in dealing with trauma. All of my travels and relationships have prepared me to deal effectively with people of all cultures, walks of life, and personality types.

The most precious aspect of the work I do is helping other women connect to their own magical power and internal wisdom. There is absolutely nothing more exciting for me than to give a woman the keys that will unlock and release the emotional pain that has held her back; and to then empower and embrace the big, beautiful, and purposeful life she desires. And deserves!

I am ready to work with you. I am committed to helping you clear away whatever doesn’t serve you, to heal whatever has hurt you, and to expand your life skills – to gain confidence, to build strength, and to thrive. Because I am a life-long entrepreneur, I can help women figuring out ways to build their own self-reliance and financial independence!

I hope we are a match, and that we can work together. Today, I am living an abundant, joy-filled life with personal and professional success. I am dedicated to helping you do the same, at a higher level than you have ever experienced.

If any of this touches you, let it move you. If it feels right for you, I hope you will reach out to me. We can begin a healing, loving, and empowering conversation!


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