Gina Waterfield is a sought after speaker on the topic of Women’s Empowerment and Holistic Healing. Her audiences and clients rave about her genuine, authentic style. Her easy, relatability nature and keen insights have won the hearts of everyone she touches. Her innate intuition surprises even the most skeptical people.

Gina captivates her listeners with her personal story and her knowledge in the field of energy and mental-emotional mindfulness. Her guidance goes beyond conventional business coaching. She guides women to get to the core of what keeps them feeling stuck. She helps people replace their limiting beliefs.

Gina Waterfield has over 20 years of training, trauma-informed education, and experience in the field of holistic health. This depth allows her to smoothly guide others toward mental and emotional breakthroughs.

Gina is a certified Overcome Anxiety Clinic Facilitator, a meditation teacher, and a hypnosis practitioner. She uses these skills to get her clients to deep theta-level meditation, where amazing creativity can be activated.

She is the mom of five children and grandmother to fourteen. Gina says her background as a military family member taught her the core values people want: “To be seen, to be heard and to feel loved.” She lives this wisdom.


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