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I wish Motherhood came with a golden rule book. One that succinctly defined perfect answers in a chronological format that was applicable in all life’s scenarios. One that allowed us to definitively provide healthy, failsafe care, with endlessly renewable resources. A perfect guidebook that helped us consider each child’s unique personality and learning style, congruent with ours as parents.

It would show us how to have big, full bodied love for our developing babies, and for ourselves simultaneously. It would help us to avoid emotional and ideological conflict at all times. It would help us deal with the motherhood heartbreak that seems inevitable. And, it would remind us that we are doing the best we can, with what we have, at each unanticipated step of the way.

Since it’s up to us to seek refinement within the process, let us be more open to honest conversation with each other. Let us share our experiences and our journey with compassion and integrity, knowing none of us have all the answers.

Individually we may feel overwhelm, but together we are infinitely wiser and much more effective at one of the most rewarding and challenging things we will ever do.

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