Melt Away the Stress

Melt Away the Stress

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Business, Health, Nutrition & Food, Mind | 0 comments

Stress is pervasive and can become an automatic response. We get conditioned to it. The problem is that our mind gets way too familiar with it. The internal overload becomes habitual and causes physical damage. Sustained cortisol levels generate emotional and physiological havoc. This can lead to disorder and disease.
Today’s world is a breeding ground for mental and emotional toxicity. We feel it, we know it, and we don’t like it. But, we get stuck in a cycle. We can even feel trapped and unsure how to get out. Over time, the stress can even lead to depression and despair.
My work is about helping people get out of this unhealthy state of being. I use the latest neuroscience-based therapies to release the negative energy, to get back to inner peace and positive energy. It’s a proven process that generates results quickly and smoothly.
It begins with helping my clients clarify their desired outcomes. Together, we assess what factors are causing the stress and distress. Then, I take them to a deep, relaxing mental place. They move from the hectic, frenetic state of Beta wave brain activity, to the calming place of Alpha and Theta brain waves. This is where true healing happens.
We work to replace negative thinking with positive alternatives. Sometimes we make our way backward to the source of long held issues, as a discovery process, so we can clear old things away and substitute with fresh, healthier perspectives. At the subconscious level, we begin to think and act in new ways. We start to feel a positive, hopeful confidence. Stress melts away.
The techniques I use in this work are tailored to the person. They are a combination of Reiki-based energy work, classic hypnosis and modern neuroscience-based deep meditation. It is a peaceful journey into deep relaxation and health. It is therapeutic and holistic.
And, it can change your life, forever.
Yours in the spirit of compassionate healing and empowerment,


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