What’s Wrong with me?

What’s Wrong with me?

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Business, Mind | 1 comment

I knew something wasn’t quite right from a very early age.

In my school years I wasn’t able to clearly understand what the teacher said. Nor was I able to “get” things as easily as my classmates did. To add to my sense of frustration, I struggled with retention; I just didn’t remember things very well, whether I was listening to classroom lectures or doing reading assignments.

Despite these issues, I worked hard, made good grades and was pretty successful throughout my school years. It wasn’t that I had a lack of interest, I really enjoyed lectures, watching demos, and reading things that were my own personal choices.

Fast forward into my adult years.

Reading dense text was still challenging. Since I had five children, I would assign one of them to do assembly projects that had directions. And, I would ask other adults to help me with the directions for more adult executive tasks that needed to be done, like forms for taxes and procedures for banking.

Over a thirty year period, I created several entrepreneurial businesses, all of which were highly successful. But, I struggled in many areas of my life. I had several chronic health issues, and multiple surgeries to remove tumors and correct physiological problems. I often felt depressed anxious and unworthy.

While my home was always well organized, clean, and efficient, I felt emotionally disconnected. I also repeatedly chose less than ideal relationship partners, because subconsciously I believed I didn’t deserve better for myself. Those decisions were a reflection of my lack of healthy self-esteem and self-worth.

In the past several years I’ve moved beyond all of that. It took a lot of introspection, therapy, and even an an out-of-body experience I call my epiphany.

I’ve built a thriving professional practice to help others heal and gain control over their own lives. My business has grown rapidly because many other people are living with the same kinds of emotional blocks I experienced. While we may or may not be consciously aware of what created these blocks, we “feel” or see them as chains that grip us and limit the way we live.

The modern world we are in is hectic, noisy, and overwhelming, which can create another layer of distraction from our healing and mindful growth. But, I’ve learned that there are ways to overcome negativity and create harmony within our self.

We can connect to the energetically abundant life we were intended to live. All we need to do is uncover the core issue at the center of our emotional lack and heal that part of us. Then we can gain clarity, control, and confidence!

Every day I am privileged to see my clients quickly move on with their lives, living in the positive frequency of spiritual wellness that they were meant to, with a sense of greater curiosity and increased strength. They become emotionally and energetically bulletproof, and this resilient strength shows up in the progress they are making across all areas of life!

We can’t cure what we don’t understand. When we uncover the truth and heal, we become unstoppable!

This is Mental Health Awareness Week. Let’s continue to remove the stigma, and embrace the opportunity of therapy and mental growth.

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  1. susan colburn

    Thanks, Gina. I miss seeing you. I hope you and Dave and your families stay well through this COVID crisis. Much love, always, Sue


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