Neurobics, Intuition, and Mental Mastery

Neurobics, Intuition, and Mental Mastery

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Our brain is wired by our thoughts! We can change our habits by strengthening our mind..

The law of attraction says we can open our life to abundance by cultivating our thoughts into positive programming.

Think of these mental exercises as enhancing each of your five senses, and your intuitive skills!

Try these brain strengthening workouts:

  • Write with your non-dominant hand.
  • Open several spice bottles and smell each with your eyes closed. Identify each by smell alone.
  • Sketch or draw with your eyes closed.
  • Read or listen to opposing opinions from your own ideas. Try to understand a new perspective.
  • Take a different driving route to and from home.
  • Change your morning routines, start your day with a new pattern.
  • Watch TV with the sound off, “listening” with your eyes.
  • Step into your pants with the opposite foot from your usual.
  • Speak with your eyes, listen to others instead of verbally responding.
  • Wear or decorate with colors outside your norm. Notice how it “feels”.
  • Use positive words and phrases like “I will,” and, “I am,” instead of “I might”, and “I should.”

We can change the end results of our desires by starting within….Think, adapt and grow!


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