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Unexpressed emotions never die.

Unresolved feelings remain inside – buried alive, embedded deep in the tissues of the body. Release that and you release the emotional physiology of pain, and all that is connected to fear, anxiety, guilt, shame. These energies can lead to mental blocks. These blockages then keep us enslaved. They tie us to self-limiting beliefs. If we allow them to remain and reinforce them, they determine our life path.

To be our real, productive happy self, we must release these hidden emotions that have held us back and kept us from thriving. The Divine and nature instilled in us the capability to be resilient beings. We were meant to be strong, even in the contemporary social chaos. It is our responsibility to manage our own self care. We have the power to do it.

We can connect to our body wisdom, when we stop and get quiet, when we breathe and listen to our inner voice. This is the why the term “gut feeling” is so relevant to our mental health. Modern neuroscience reveals the mind-body-spirit link. It describes our energy systems and how they work together for healthy homeostasis and balance.

Body wisdom is the awareness of, and sensitivity to, our bio chemistry. It is accessed through thought. Getting to a still point allows us the gift of connecting to insight and clarity.

Change your thoughts, change your behavior, change your life. Gain strength, confidence, and control of your natural God given abilities. Pay attention to your body wisdom. It will serve you well!


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