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Feeling confused? Overwhelmed? De-energized? These are just the playmates of indecision. And Woman, I’ve been there in the past too!

When you forget you are in control, you allow your environment, your schedule, other people’s priorities, and your own mind to become unruly. They all play head games with you. They distort your perspective AND stall your actions.

This confusion can destroy your confidence and generate mental chaos. It can suck you into a giant gut-churning, self-deprecating vacuum. Like quicksand, it can take you down into a mental swamp, where nothing feels good. Nothing feels right. Even worse, it can cause numbness, hopelessness, and depression.

Indecision gives away your power, weakens your resolve, depletes your energy, and wastes your precious time.

Making decisions, any decision, allows you to shutdown the negative self talk. Making decisions allows you to clarify your convictions, to strengthen your resolve, and to clear the pathway to productive action. This moves you toward successful outcomes.

Making decisions breathes life into living. It increases your energy. It makes space for healthy and happy relationships.

Getting past overwhelm and indecision is a matter of mindful mastery! YOU can be in full control of your thoughts and your mind. YOU ARE the creator of your own life. Your energy, your time and your money are all valuable. You must give them the attention and gratitude they deserve.

Give yourself the gift of clarity by simply committing to do those things that bring you joy. Do what makes you energetically feel good. Make clear decisions, choose which game plan your going to follow, and take action!

Leave overwhelm, indecision and helplessness in the rear view mirror. Go ALL IN!!!

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