Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Mind | 0 comments

If you want to achieve personal and professional growth you will need to understand this: Success takes DOING. If fear is keeping you from taking the next step, address it, explore it, uncover it,and get clear. Remove whatever is emotionally blocking you!

It’s natural to have some fear and uncertainty when stepping outside of your comfort zone. But if you’re passionate about your purpose and really want to gain traction, you will dig your heals in and get past it.

Achievement takes work. Gaining momentum requires mental shifts, creating leverage, and finding balance. Mastery demands practice and fortitude. There will be challenges in opportunities that scare even the most fierce among us.

There will be risk demanded and investments required. If you want a return on investment (ROI), you will need to put skin in the game. If you want to learn, you will need to do, act and give. There are no shortcuts. It’s work, it’s hard – it’s hard work, folks. Success is born from action.

You’ll make mistakes, and you will learn and grow. You will develop mental muscle and mental toughness. And, you will consistently define and refine!

Making excuses is fear based and stems from a scarcity mentality. Scarcity sounds like saying things like “I can’t…, I don’t have…, what if I fail…”, and making comparisons to whoever and whatever. Stop comparing yourself to others. You have unique and special gifts of your own, understand and use them. Share them!

Operating from self love parlays into living a mindset of abundance, and washes past the fear. This is real life business – act and speak like you mean it.

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