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Many moons ago when my kids were little, getting up early seemed like a necessity, not just a conscious decision. As a young mother of five kids I needed multiple feats of small miracles to happen each and every day. And that needed to be somewhat obnoxiously crammed into normal waking hours.

It required a time-sensitive juggling act, of epic proportions.

I learned how to silently sneak off my mattress like a highly trained black ops soldier on a covert mission. It became a stealth and prized technique, as long as my kids didn’t masterfully cleverly beat my rogue game.

Time was my aim. Time for solitude. Time for quiet. Time for peace. Time to think. Time to plan the day, before my mini-me tribe of attention-getters tested me in ways I never could have predicted.

My children were clever too. They learned how to climb out of their cribs, unlock doors, climb kid-proof gates, close doors quietly and lure me into believing they were naive. They were experts at subversive maneuvers, and I had to be on high alert, sometimes while sleeping. I honed natural intuition and cognitive skills during those early child rearing years.

I learned a lot from my children, and I hope they hope they have gained some insights and wisdom from me too.

As for waking early it’s now a conscious choice for a lot of the same reasons. As a business owner, extra early hours give me the time I need to craft my day as a professional. It gives me time to honor spirituality and mindfulness, to meditate and set my intentions with a fresh attitude. To research and study my trade.

Waking before the world stirs helps me perfect my sense of autonomy, in solitude, without distractions. And, I’m able to have personal calls with friends and mentors before the workday begins-a perfect way to fill my emotional bucket.

Are you an early riser?
Why or why not?
Do you feel your emotional boundaries are in order?
Has motherhood shaped your professional rituals?

Ready for a big, bold shift in your business or life?


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