Because a guilt-free, stronger you tomorrow, is better and wiser and deeper.

Because a guilt-free, stronger you tomorrow, is better and wiser and deeper.

by | Aug 8, 2020 | Mind, Mind, Body & Spirit | 2 comments

Here’s the thing I know … you will be tempted. Especially when working on a big shift.

Even the smallest unsavory urges can require the most courageous strength.

Those micro-moments we breathe through, cry and scream through, and face eyeball to eyeball, are what give us resilience to deal with all the other uncomfortable moments.

Yes, it’s hard to not cave. It’s difficult to bring your focus back to the here and now, when you want him or her or that thing you “need” to have. Is it easier to feel the familiar sense of shame afterward?

Yes, take a pass on that familiar pull, because…

  • Because a guilt-free, stronger you tomorrow is better and wiser and deeper.
  • Because you deserve better, for yourself.
  • Because you are an adult who stands firmly in your freedom of choice.
  • Because you are capable of incredible fortitude and tenacity.
  • Because no one but YOU can and will do it for you.
  • Because when it all boils down to the crux of the matter, you know liberation trumps indecisiveness.

Caress your courage again and again. Breathe it in, until that moment passes, until you’re IN THE CLEAR and MOVING!

In the spirit of empowerment, 

Ready for a big, bold shift in your business or life?


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