Welcome Fall!

Welcome Fall!

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Mind, Body & Spirit | 0 comments

It seems impossible to believe it’s Fall already! Does it seem like the year has been a blur to you too?

There’s a lot of hate-filled “noise” everywhere lately. Certainly in the news politically, with the recent disheartening sexualized melee. While women have always tragically dealt with these issues, current public reports are more than troubling, and they are triggering traumatic personal events for many of us. Why haven’t we moved beyond bad and unacceptable behavior?

Some of my newest clients are feeling an extra dose of anxiety and uncertainty, the kind they can’t quite put a finger on. They report feelings of anxiety across all areas of life, and a deep need for significant personal change. Career, relationship and family are at the top of many women’s concerns, because the status quo simply is not fulfilling. Are you feeling any of that?

Many women are unhappy with all that is making them feel bad spiritually. The long held emotional blocks that lay dormant, deep in our subconscious, are surfacing in conversations, in and outside my office.

Stress shows up when we aren’t authentically aligned with our truth, and our purpose. It creates emotional blocks, leading to fear, apathy, lethargy, and a disassociation from relationship, physical health and joy. All of this can make us sick.

Most men I know recognize a need for change too, but are afraid to state their thoughts openly. Since I began working with men in the last few months, I see and hear about ownership of their roles, their failures and feelings. I know they’ve been traumatized too. They do honor women.

How are we to be a constructive part of the needed change, individually and collectively?
How can we dispel the lies we have adopted along this journey? How can we avoid making the same mistakes living in a fractured world?
Can we manifest change collectively, compassionately without feeding the open hostility that is so pervasive?

I don’t have the perfect answer, but I do believe this season is a good time to begin. Starting with authentic integrity and open dialogue anywhere we can. And, add a good measure of faith. Have faith and trust that we can do better, for all of us.

Instead of sliding backward as the holidays approach, let’s make concerted efforts to rise up, and above the noise. Let’s teach each other by example, by reaching out and talking, by keeping an attitude of curiosity and compassion – reasonably and responsibly.

Our children are watching and modeling our behavior. Let’s do our best to get through all this, together!

May you have clarity, and fully embrace this harvest season. We will all reap the positive rewards.



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