Permission to breathe

Permission to breathe

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Mind, Body & Spirit | 0 comments

Breathing is essential to life. Yet we often forget to breathe or we don’t breathe deeply and fully. This can be due to unresolved emotional pain, or daily life experiences, that cause us to self protect. While we can still remain functional with shortened breathing, it is not an optimal way to live.

Many of my clients are amazed when I guide them into what natural, full and deep breathing feels like. They learn to sit or stand taller, and it allows their internal organs to operate and their fluids to move more efficiently. Learning self-regulation techniques allows our body to feel lighter and more vibrant. The mind follows this opening-up and so does the spirit.

Breathing fully and completely reminds us how to be more secure and calm. It allows us to quietly and safely ‘feel’ emotions fully and deeply in the body. Understanding the sensation of relaxing our breathing naturally leads us to the next productive step. This is where we begin the work of unbecoming, the work of letting go of unproductive habits and the process of healing. We move forward on the path of sustainable growth.


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