Eat, Love, Learn & Share

Eat, Love, Learn & Share

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Health, Nutrition & Food, Mind, Body & Spirit | 0 comments

 Anyone else love Kimchi? If you’re a fan of garlic (who isn’t) and fermented foods, it’s pretty easy to make, and it’s so very healthy for most people.

You should know and understand your body, with its own special needs, to ensure fermented foods are on your own green (YES) list. Everyone’s best diet isn’t the same, just as everyone’s body isn’t the same. It’s easy to jump on the new dietary trends, and that’s great, unless you have sensitivities. And, many of us do.

So when you see others achieving great results but it’s not working for you, it’s time to explore why, instead of getting frustrated. There might be deeper issues. We are learning more about the role emotions play in body response mechanisms. Hence all the recent buzz about the gut’s relationship to the brain. In fact, the gut is now being called “the second brain”. Check this out. It’s especially fascinating, to those of us who are into neuroscience.

Back to the Kimche. I’m lucky to have a brother who makes killer Kimche, and I absolutely crush on it! But, I’ve discovered that my body doesn’t respond well to it anymore. I wonder if it ever really did, just like many other foods I’ve consumed for a lifetime. Early in my life, I developed a host of undiagnosed and mysterious physical symptoms that continued into my adult life; all the while experiencing food sensitivities I never realized I had.

It took me years to truly pay attention to my body and what it was telling me. What I hope is that we will each give our self enough mindfulness to listen. And to help our children learn to listen early in life. This is where conversations between women and girls is vitally important. We can begin a dialogue in our circles that will enrich all of us. Then, we can share what we learn.

My message for today is this: eat real food, love big, learn more, and share your wisdom. And, always pay attention to your body, you’ll be glad you did!


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