Caring for your skin

Caring for your skin

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Mind, Body & Spirit | 0 comments

Cleaning up our skin from the inside out takes a little extra effort. The reward: better skin tone, texture, and quality. In addition, you will feel healthier – mentally, emotionally, and physiologically.

My website is getting a do over and I have scheduled a pro photo shoot. It’s my first one in decades, so I’m deploying skin boosters any way I can. Many of us over 50 are realizing the damage we’ve incurred from a lifetime of not so stellar habits.

I don’t remember hearing much about the importance of using sunscreen when I was a kid. We just slathered baby oil all over and baked in the sun. YIKES!! Nor do I recall hearing a word about revitalizing our face with all the skin enhancing products we are offered in today’s constant stream of beauty product.

As a young mom, my skincare wasn’t the priority for me that it is now. A few years ago, during my training to get my Esthetics license, I was the oldest student in the school. I was shocked to learn about the damaging effects of the numerous ways we destroy our skin every day. At about the same time, I decided to radically change my diet. I immediately began to understand how food impacts us. Also, I became aware of the value of rest, good hydration, and a healthy environment. All of these factors are especially important for women.

All of our lives include stories and experiences that bring us to big “aha moments.” These moments of insight lead us to change for the better. Our life experiences serve us well, if we learn from them. Our future is shaped by the decisions we make today. I often ask myself what one thing would I like to take up level in my life? What one action could I take today that would make that happen? How can I get better at nurturing myself? Right now, for me, it’s to take better care of my skin. I know it is just one aspect of life.But, healthy skin can help us to feel better about our self, and that is something we have control of. Self-care is an synonymous with self-love and that is always a good thing, at any age!


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