Mind, Body, & Spirit - Gina Waterfield
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Mind, Body, & Spirit

Resetting the mind, resting the body, and energizing the spirit requires simple techniques. Together we will explore tools to do all three, and to restore your natural joy!


We are holistic, integrated beings. Our mind, body and spirit work together to create the harmony of our life. When any one of these three aspects get out of kilter, we feel discomfort and distress. This can even become dis-ease.


To be fully alive, we must get all our systems in balance. We must have all our energy systems (Chakras) working fully and in harmony. That is at the heart of what I do. I use my empathic abilities, my developed skills and my spiritual mastery to get your systems back in sync.


With a healthy body, a clear mind and a hopeful spirit you can take on any challenge that life has to offer. Together we will build your strength, your confidence and your creativity. Life will take on a unique and special glow. You will feel your sense of purpose and see the path to its fulfillment.


This work is not easy, but that is why I am with you. You can trust that I understand where you are and that I am committed to taking you to where you want to go. My multifaceted approach will get all your systems (mind, body and spirit) working in synergy. The results will at times seem magical, but will always feel right. This is a promise I make to you.



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  • Unexpressed emotions never die. Unresolved feelings remain inside – buried alive, embedded deep in the tissues of the body. Release that and you release the emotional physiology of pain, and all

  • Cleaning up our skin from the inside out takes a little extra effort. The reward: better skin tone, texture, and quality. In addition, you will feel healthier - mentally, emotionally, and physiologica

  • What does meditation have to do with relationships? Couples often argue, or at least strongly disagree. I mean, we aren’t clones of each other. We have different personality traits, habits and quirks.

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