Real life experiences can bring stress to all the systems of the body, depleting your physical and mental defenses. Starting here, we will regain emotional and physical calm, when you need it most!

Dealing with the effects of past stress is called healing. All personal growth starts here. When we acknowledge the impact of trauma, worry and abuse from our past we can begin to heal. That is where my work begins. Together we establish a strong emotional foundation from which we can grow.

Dealing with stress in our current life circumstances helps us stay resilient, hopeful and empowered. Doing this is about mindfulness – getting our thoughts and mindset in the right place. By working with your inherent energetic zones, I help you put things in balance, and keep them there.

Dealing with stress about the future involves focusing on your intentions – on what you want to happen. And, we will work on dealing with fear – on what you don’t want to happen. By getting your focus clear and your courage uplifted, you will face the future with confidence.

All three of these approaches work together – past, present and future. The work we do together will lead to holistic strength, positive energy and life control. In the end, from this important work, your life will have less stress and more joy.



To heal takes time, lets start with a one-hour introductory call.