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Health, Nutrition, Food

Good nutritional health begins with what we feed our body. My mission is to help ease your nutritional journey, to help you gain focus, to restore your good health, and to make cooking fun, fast, and easy!


As a mother to five children (born within six years), I was dedicated to their health and well-being. I had to master the art of shopping on a budget and preparing meals on a schedule – a very tight schedule. And, I am proud to say, I got it done. In the process, I became expert in nutrition, food and cooking.


I help women get back into the joy of food preparation – from shopping cost-effectively to cooking time-efficiently. They find out that it’s easier and less complicated than they thought. In fact, they get a kick out of using my “kitchen hacks” – creative ways to cut corners without cutting quality.


Nutritional intelligence is foundational to healthy cooking. So, I help my clients gain a sense of what matters when it comes to what you eat. With a few basic guidelines, they start to be more conscious of good nutrition – it immediately impacts what they buy and how much they consume.


When you eat better, you feel better. When you feel better, you think better. When you think better, you will live the best life you can. You start making better choices in all areas of your life. You feel more confident, resilient and strong. A healthy, well-fed body is a great vehicle to ride in. Whether you are on a smooth highway or you decide to go off-road, you are in control.


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  • Nothing compares to taste of blistered Shishito peppers. They usually they have little heat to them but, you might find one with a little bite now and then. I first tasted them while living in Korea,

  • What does meditation have to do with relationships? Couples often argue, or at least strongly disagree. I mean, we aren’t clones of each other. We have different personality traits, habits and quirks.

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