Empowerment Podcast
I’m a holistic healer and women’s empowerment guide, based in Georgetown, Texas. I have a growing therapeutic practice, both in-person and online. It is my goal to help women increase their mental clarity, emotional confidence and strength, so they can live a healthier, happier lifestyle!
Empowerment Podcasts
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Empowerment Podcast

In this episode of Gina’s relationship series, she and her hubby Dave share their fundamental beliefs about effective relationships: why we need them and how we can build them. They explore the meaning of a diversity of relationships: family, friends, work, and of course love. What makes good relationship work? What are the fundamentals? What makes for positive, healthy...

As part of my new podcast work, I am bringing you this series on RELATIONSHIPS. In my work, I have come to realize how much our relationships impact our lives - for better and sometimes for worse. I want to explore all aspects of this, from friendships, to family, to romance. This series is not self-righteous or judgmental. It is real, pragmatic...